White-Tailed Sea Eagle has been tracked crossing Ireland’s midlands.

The Golden Eagle Trust in collaboration with the National Parks and Wildlife Services, UCD and many other stakeholders conducted a re-introduction project for the White-Tailed Sea Eagles, which was completed in 2006-2007. White-Tailed Sea Eagles taken 5-6 years to reach sexual maturity and for that reason, breeding was not observed from the first reintroduced birds until 2012/2013. These birds have low breeding rates which poses potential issues for the success of this reintroduction project.


The White-Tailed Sea Eagles were released in the Southwest of Ireland in Killarney National Park, Co. Kerry. Over the last few years, these birds have made their way through various regions of Ireland, such as Killaloe in Co. Clare.

The Golden Eagle Trust have tracked the movement of all reintroduced birds and this week, the Golden Eagle Trust tracked one of the birds crossing Ireland from Galway to Wicklow. The Golden Eagle Trust have tracked the movement and posted it today on their Facebook page which can be found here.

The bird’s name is Star and was born in 2009. It is known that this bird has bred in Galway but sadly lost its partner in 2015. The Golden Eagle Trust have stated that Star is now venturing across the Wicklow Mountains and has roosted near Lough Dan.

More information on White-Tailed Sea Eagles: 



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