Rivers in Co. Clare closed to Salmon fishing for another year

Across the country this year, 73 Rivers will be open to Salmon fishing, as approved by Séan Kyne, the Minister of State at the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment. However, none of the rivers in which this is permitted will be located within the Clare county this year.

The Minister has agreed to a range of regulations and laws that will protect wild salmon and sea trout fisheries within Ireland. The decision to exclude Clare from the permitted regions for Salmon fishing this year was based on low stock levels of salmon within all of the rivers that flow through Co. Clare.

This year will be difficult for Clare-based fishermen and this issue was addressed to Councillor Gabriel Keating, last year at Clare County Council’s December meeting. The Councillor proposed that Minister Kyne re-open Clare rivers for Salmon fishing to promote economics in this region.

It was feared that with a closed season on Salmon in this region, it would give rise to illegal poaching of the fish species in this area, furthering the issues with low stock levels.

However, so far in 2017 it appears that the year will remain a continuous ‘closed season‘ for salmon fishing in the Clare County. This is based on the fact that none of the Co. Clare rivers reached their conservation limit and will not re-open for the 2017 season.

During 2017, the status of the rivers in Co. Clare will be reviewed in order to assess whether it is appropriate to permit salmon fishing in 2018. This review will be based on scientific assessments made by the standing scientific committee for salmon who provide advice and information every year to the Inland Fisheries Ireland.

It is expected that the status for 2018’s potential for Salmon fishing will be presented in the later months of 2017.


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