Extended region of Slieve Bloom Mountains saved by the Native Woodland Trust

This site is of significant importance to Ireland’s biodiversity as it is home to a large range of rare plant species, trout and ancient tree species. Additionally, as it is located on a floodplain, it is a very rare type of woodland setting in Ireland.

The Reserves and Engagement Officer for the Native Woodland Trust, Rebecca Doyle, has publicly stated the NWT’s great appreciation to their private donors that have generously provided funds to aid the future conservation of the woodland.

The NWT has said that they will be carrying out ecological surveys of the site to ensure that the correct management strategies will be put in place to provide effective conservation to the site. This has been excellent news for the Trust as they continue to conserve important ecological sites across Ireland.

To date, the Trust has donated more than 100,000 trees to various schools and local communities across Ireland. The NWT have also provided advice and man power to the design and management of hedgerows throughout the country.

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