Migratory Species

What is a Migratory Species? 

A Migratory Species refers to a species that migrates from one region or area to another. They are transboundary species. Migratory species refers to any species that migrates, therefore it can be mammals, reptiles, birds, insects, aquatic organisms, etc.

Many species in Ireland are migratory and Ireland also receive migrating species upon their travels. Examples of such bird species are Manx Shearwater, Bewick’s Swans, Bar-Tailed Godwit and Redwings.

Because Ireland is an island, there are not many mammals that can be found that would be considered migratory, but there are many other species, like Butterfly, that travel great distances across the country every year.

Why do animals migrate? 

Animals migrate for many different reasons. However, the main reasons usually being directly related to seasonal change such as food resources, breeding seasons, warmer weather and more favourable environmental conditions. As seasons turn from Autumn to Winter, many species find it difficult to maintain a functional every day life in the colder weather, harsher conditions and reduced food resources. Therefore, migratory species pursue other regions that have more favourable weather, more potential resources and better chances of survival during the winter months. Additionally, some species migrate for the chances of mating during their natural breeding seasons.

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