Invasive Alien Species

What are Invasive Alien Species? 

Invasive Alien Species (IAS) are species that are not native to an ecosystem and for this reason can cause damage to the ecosystem be invading the area and out-competing the native species for resources, shelter, space and habitat usage. This can cause great economic, environmental and ecological harm as well as human health damage in some serious cases. Invasive Alien Species can be plants, animals, pathogens or other organisms that cause harm to a region that is not their own.

Examples of Invasive Alien Species (IAS) in Ireland

There have been a lot of species in Ireland that are identified as not-native and potential invasive. The removal of these species have been costly to the country both economically and ecologically. A few examples of Invasive Alien Species in Ireland would be Muntjac Deer, Japanese Knotweed, Grey Squirrel, Feral Ferret, Fishhook Waterflea, Asian Clam, Zebra Mussels and many more..

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