New Species discovered in Ireland! 

There has been a new species discovered in Ireland this morning in Co. Cork, south of the island. 

Scientists from UCC have stated that the animal has been identified as a small mammal species. 

The species has been described as having the same physical structure of a Pine Marten but having a very distinctive call that sounds like a mixture between a Vixen calling for her cubs and a Baleric Shearwater call. 

It is thought to be an expert at hiding but it has been spotted here in this picture:

Not much more has been determined from studies this morning other than that the creature is thought to have the ability to fly 1 metre in the air for 39 seconds. This has raised further questions of local adaptation as the only mammal species with the ability to fly is known to be the bat. 

Further tests will be carried out by UCC throughout the weekend with collaboration from the Irish Wildlife Trust and Bat Conservation Ireland. 


Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it! 


8 thoughts on “New Species discovered in Ireland! 

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  2. Nice, I was thinking “how cool is that” is find a new specie after all this time. I was looking very hard in this photo, but then moved on where I read your punch line..

    You got me good! 🙂

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