Irish Cement causes outrage in Limerick City: Councillors now to submit to EPA

In early March this year, the Limerick City and County Council approved planning permission for the €10 million proposal of Irish Cement’s request to burn waste as energy at their plant in Mungret, Co. Limerick.

After the news that approval was given for the burning of environmentally-toxic wastes to be burnt as energy for the plant, Limerick Councillors who have been constantly opposing this decision, are now preparing a submission to the Environmental Protection Agency Ireland (EPA) as this is the organisation responsible for IPPC licensing and emission control.

The burning of these waste materials is extremely toxic to the environment, often human activities to such a large-scale produce toxins such as Dioxins and Furans – carcinogenic substances in the air often associated with Lung Cancer! This is obviously a huge health hazard to the environment, wildlife and humans of Limerick and it is astonishing that this planning has been approved for Irish Cement.

Limerick Councillors are criticising the CEO of Irish Cement stating that:

“The CEO has already made his decision. He was wrongly advised and made the wrong decision.”

Councillors from all across Ireland are standing together to oppose the go-ahead given for planning permission. Councillor Cian Prendiville gave an open statement for the Limerick Mayor, Kieran O’ Halloran, to hold a meeting with party leaders to discuss the submission to the EPA.

Another Limerick Councillor, Daniel Butler of Fine Gael, stated that although he has spoken to many individuals in Limerick, he has not yet found anyone who supported the plans of Irish Cement and stated that in Limerick there are “a lot of people with concerns”. 


The integrity of Irish Cement is being greatly challenged by the Limerick locals at the moment with many claiming that the plant are doing this for monetary benefits above all else with little moral and environmental obligations.

There is currently two petitions set up by locals of Limerick and supporting Councillors from parties such as the Green Party, Sinn Feinn, Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and the Anti-Austerity Alliance (now called Solidarity).

The petition has almost 800 signatures – with a target of 1,000.

To read more on this issue (Closed Petition)  – Click Here!

To sign the petition that is still currently open – Click Here! 

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