DSCPA & Humans Of Dublin present ‘Rescue Pets of Dublin’

This week ‘Humans Of Dublin’ have joined Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA) and have featured rescue pets from DSCPA on the Humans Of Dublin Facebook page dedicated to rescue animals that have been looked after by DSPCA. I have posted all the links below this article and a video the page posted also!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Humans Of Dublin, it is a website where photography, Peter Varga, shares pictures of individuals he has come across in Dublin City and their story that they would like to share with the public some of which includes advise, funny incidents and all-round wisdom from photographed Dubliners. Humans Of Dublin was inspired by the globally popular ‘Humans Of New York’ website and Facebook page.

Although some of the stories are very sad, as many of the pets have come from puppy farms across Ireland or in worse conditions, the love and care they received by DSPCA is quite heartwarming and is highlighted excellently by Humans Of Dublin!

One of the most popular posts on their Facebook page was that of Pirate, a little puppy that was mistreated in a puppy farm in the UK and is now safe with DSCPA:


I came from a puppy farm. I was being shipped out of the country illegally, along with my siblings – we were going to be sold into the UK market. Some nice policemen found us hidden in a vehicle and we didn’t have the necessary paperwork or vaccinations to be taken out of the country so, we were taken to the DSPCA. The kind vets here gave us some medicine and we got a lovely bath which made us feel a lot better. I ate proper food for the first time and was delicious! I love to play and do fun stuff. I really miss my mum and I hope that she is doing ok, but by now she is probably having more puppies just like me, I hope the nice policemen will find her too. I am going to have a family of my own soon and so will my brother and sisters, which makes me really really happy.” – Pirate

DSCPA went on to say in the Humans of Dublin post:

“We can’t guarantee that all dogs featured in this series are still available for adoption! Visit DSPCA for further information. Join us in the comment section, sharing your favourite story and photo of your furry one! We want to know what makes them so special!”

 The collaboration between DSCPA and Humans Of Dublin has been a great success and has been featured across a huge range of media platforms online, such an The Irish Independent, Lovin Dublin and more..

DSPCA have stated that they can’t guarantee that all pets featured in this collaboration will be available for adoption but encourage the public who are interested to visit them!!

Some of the animals cared for at DSPCA:


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