Fantastic Animal Magic Wildlife Rescue in Limerick!

Animal Magic Wildlife Rescue was set up in 1999 and over the last 18 years the rehabilitation centre has made an enormous contribution to wildlife conservation and rehabilitation for Ireland’s wildlife. Animal Magic is based in Kilmallock, Co. Limerick, bordering Co. Cork in the south of Ireland.

Animal Magic are dedicated to helping injured, abandoned or mistreated wildlife that have been either found by the members of the centre or have been brought to them. This animal rehabilitation centre has been pivotal for the care and conservation of many of Ireland’s native species for almost two decades.

In addition to wildlife rehabilitation, Animal Magic offer various services to the public which include:

  • Wildlife Roadshow
  • School & Library Visits to the centre
  • Mini Zoo
  • Workshops
  • Group parties
  • Hawk Walks
  • Rehab Centre & talks

Animal Magic workshops are fantastic for services such as School or Youth Projects, Summer Camp visits, Evening wildlife class or learning about animals before getting a pet!

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Animal Magic highlight that they also cater for Special Needs groups and are very experienced with children and adults who have Autism. In addition, Animal Magic are familiar with JCSP and VEC schemes as well as the Prison Service and many other groups.

Basically, Animal Magic are all-rounders and are absolutely fantastic with the general public and education of wildlife! They are definitely a great day out over the Easter mid-term break for everyone!! Especially as they are currently ranked #33 out of all the #110 best things to do in Limerick City & County – that’s very impressive!

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I have put up more detail on the services that Animal Magic provide to the public, based on what Animal Magic have provided from their Facebook page: 

We provide a range of wildlife and natural history road shows for Libraries, Schools and Colleges for any age group and would like to make you aware of our services.

We feel that it is important to educate our next generation to appreciate our wildlife heritage. We believe that the way to learn about nature is through an up close personal experience and we have a multitude of animals that we use as ambassadors of the animal kingdom.

We pride ourselves at aiming our lessons to the child’s level of understanding making it an exciting experience. Our lessons add to the pupils’ appreciation and knowledge of natural history, arouse their curiosity, promote respect and create a desire to get out and see animals in their own natural environment.

These programs give children and teachers an opportunity to see, in action, what they study in natural science and they also open the door to endless possibilities for future project work.

We provide a range of wildlife and Natural History Road Shows for Libraries, Schools and Colleges and other Organizations. Specifically designed to both educate and entertain any age group. Each Visit can be tailored to suit specific projects, be it conservation, care, or awareness of nature.

We pride ourselves on our ability to gear our talks specially to suit any audience and we can assure you that the road show will be an experience which will be remembered for many years to come.

As with all our visits the Road Shows are very educational and interactive with lots of hands on experience, something you don’t get at the zoo, we bring Nature to life.

Introductory 2 hour sessions
Learn how to handle and care for a wide range of animals, with an informal talk and lots of hands on. These sessions can be tailor-made, to suit your own individual requirements.

Advanced Workshops 4 hour sessions
Specialised sessions for people or groups wanting to learn more than just the basics on:

Small Mammals


I have also linked a page where you can donate to this absolutely fantastic cause! Animal Magic need help with volunteers and donations to keep on going with their amazing work for many more years to come! If you would like to get involved personally and try some volunteering, I have listed ways to contact Animal Magic below!

If you would like to donate instead, in the case where you don’t have the time to volunteer, etc. then I have provided the details to do so below!

You can donate via Paypal to or donate directly to their bank account by using their ‘Social Tab’ here! 

I have not personally used the Social Tab app on Facebook before, so I don’t know how well it works, but I have used Paypal soo many times and its brilliant and very very safe!

Thank you for reading this blog post, I hope you found Animal Magic interesting! 


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