National Biodiversity Week 2018


National Biodiversity Week 2018 Events

Ireland’s National Biodiversity Week will be happening this year from the 19th – 27th May. This year the country will have the opportunity to get involved with nature and our environment, with over 50 different events throughout the week. As each of these events are completely free, and very family-friendly, it is a great way to celebrate wildlife conservation and biodiversity, with the Irish community.



You can find the full list of events taking place over the 9 days that celebrate Irish biodiversity, by clicking here, which directs you to the National Biodiversity Week website.

The events include something from each type of environment, such as urban beekeeping to marine whale watching activities, as well as introductory courses on how to take part in citizen science surveys, and sustainable eco-village tours.

Don’t Lose Focus! 

As part of this year’s National Biodiversity Week, there will be a competition running for Biodiversity Photographer of the Year, as well as Young Biodiversity Photographer of the Year, which will be for all children across Irish schools to get involved with.

Image result for animals taking photos


The winner of the Biodiversity Photographer of the Year will receive a cash prize of €500, while the runner up in second place will receive €200, with third place winning €100.

For the Young Biodiversity Photographer of the Year, the winner will receive €200, with the runner up in second place winning €100 and third place taking €50.

You can find more information, and even sign up for the competition here.

Where can we sign up? 

You can get the free tickets now on Eventbrite, for any of these events throughout the National Biodiversity Week. If you are interested in attending any of the biodiversity events, click here.


This year’s National Biodiversity Week is kicking off in Abbeyleix Bog on Saturday 19th May. have done a great piece on this event, which you can find here. This piece outlines what will be happening during this flagship event, and details the different types of biodiversity that can be found in this bog!


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