What is Biodiversity?

What is Biodiversity?  Biodiversity is the foundation of all ecosystem services to which human life thrives on. Biodiversity literally means the diversity of life on our planet. It is important to know that although many of us think that biodiversity relates just to the 'wild', it includes every life-form including humans as a huge influencing … Continue reading What is Biodiversity?


IUCN Categories Explained

What is the IUCN?  The IUCN stands for the International Union for Conservation of Nature. It is an organisation that is devoted to nature conservation and sustainability of our natural resources. The IUCN has a membership span of over 1,200 governments and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). It also has over 11,000 ecologists, conservationists, scientists and experts … Continue reading IUCN Categories Explained

Big Game

What does 'Big Game' actually mean?  When a wildlife manager, conservationist or general enthusiast says the term 'Big Game' they are generally referring to relatively large animals that are a key interest for sports like hunting or fishing activities. Examples of 'Big Game': Big Game would be species such as Deer, Moose, Bears, Elk, Caribou … Continue reading Big Game

Nature Reserves

What is a Nature Reserve?  A Nature Reserve is a site that has been deemed as highly important to wildlife. Nature Reserves are protected under Ministerial order and the majority of them within Ireland are owned by the government, but a very small portion are privately owned. Nature Reserves are not National Parks, although can … Continue reading Nature Reserves

National Park

What is a National Park?  A National Park is a very large piece of land that is protected for the purpose of natural heritage and conservation of native species. This type of landscape is often natural, semi-natural or developed land that the state owns, hence why it is called a 'national' park. A National Park … Continue reading National Park

Special Protection Areas (SPA’s)

What are Special Protection Areas?  Special Protection Areas (SPAs') are protected sites that are classified in accordance with Article 4 of the EU Birds Directive. Special Protection Areas are specific sites that have been selected and protected based on the species of bird that inhabits the area. Habitats for bird species that are vulnerable or … Continue reading Special Protection Areas (SPA’s)

Natural Heritage Areas (NHA’s)

What is a Natural Heritage Area?  A Natural Heritage Area or NHA is a piece of land or 'site' that is protected because it is thought to have species of animals or plants in that area whose habitats need protection in order to remain functional. Under the Wildlife (Amendment) Act 2000 NHAs are legally protected … Continue reading Natural Heritage Areas (NHA’s)

Keystone Species

What is a Keystone Species?  A Keystone Species refers to a species whose presence in an area is of great important for the structure, composition and functioning of a healthy ecosystem. A Keystone Species can be any living thing that has this ability such as mammals, plants, aquatic life-forms, anything! These are basically species that … Continue reading Keystone Species


What is an Ecosystem?  An ecosystem is made up of biological communities that co-exist together within a specific range of land. Ecosystems are composed of both biotic (living) and abiotic (non-living) factors that influence the sustainability, composition and functioning of the communities within the specific area. (See more at the site where I found this … Continue reading Ecosystems