Help Kildare Animal Foundation raise funds for new hospital units!

It is my personal opinion that Ireland have fantastic people that work to create Wildlife Rehab charities, animal welfare and a lot of animal-related protection centres across the country! For such a small island we do have a lot of diverse charities relating to our wildlife such as local county-based animal welfare centres, the national reptile zoo in kilkenny, the seal rescue Ireland in wexford and the hedgehog rescue in Dublin and not to mention the many bird-related wildlife rehabs and specialised centres! We are quite lucky to have people in our country who are so devoted to protecting and rehabilitating injured wildlife!

While scrolling through Facebook earlier today, I came across one of the charities that I support and follow. It was Kildare Animal Foundation Wildlife Unit!

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 22.11.57

They had made a post on their Facebook page to inform the public that they were looking for donations to help raise funds in order to buy new hospital units for the abandoned and injured wild animals that were found by their staff or brought to the centre by members of the public.

The charity wrote on their page:

“Orphan season is well and truly upon us. We are currently caring for 3 fox cubs, 6 rabbit kits, 6 leverets and a range of baby birds as well as 40 other adult patients of various species. We are expecting hundreds more over the busy season.
This little leverets is thriving in our care after being taken from the mouth of a dog and injured. He has now being giving the chance to return to the wild. Help us to make a difference to animals that are often forgotten and told that nature will take it’s course. We will never turn our back on our native wildlife who are in trouble due to man and it’s influence on our environment.”

The Kildare Animal Foundation do amazing work and they are always open to calls around the clock for wildlife in need! They set up a GoFundMe page a few weeks ago to help make it easier for the public to donate to their charity! So far the charity have raised over €4,600 which is great, but they still have to reach their target donations of €7,500.

I have personally donated to the cause before and I must say after donating to various charities through this platform, the GoFundMe website is very safe! I believe it uses the Stripe company as security for your donations, excellent service! The charity donation link can be found below:

You can donate to their Go Fund Me campaign by clicking the link –


I appreciate the excellent work that the people at this charity do, so I made this blog post to help share their fund raising and hopefully help them achieve enough funds to get more hospital units to house more wildlife in need!

I used all pictures from their Facebook page to show you just exactly the kind of things they do and the animals they safe in Ireland!

If you would like to help them either visit the GoFundMe page to make a donation or visit the centre in Kildare – they are located behind/near Kildare Village Shopping Centre, I have left a picture of their Google Maps location below:

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 22.07.40

Thank you for reading & have a great weekend! 


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